ECM in the Cloud – please compliant!

In Conformity With the Law: Working With Data in the Cloud
The public opinion is still that these both phrases will rule out each other. The notion “Cloud“ accompanies with attributes like “Anonymousness of indeed data storage location” or “lack of conformity with the law”. Concurrent the completion of compliance will be compared to terms like “On Premise IT-Administration” and “high financial costs”. With growing cost-pressure and legal complexity companies have to find out new and creative solutions to point out ways which combine these important factors ideally.

Symbiontic Solutions Made from Security and Cost Reduction
MERENTIS Consult and MERENTIS DataSec met these challenges and can provide a compliance and conform to the law Enterprise Content Management running in the cloud. It is a combination of technical and compliance consulting presenting an entirely secured solution guaranteeing technical stability as well as certified legal compliance of a document management system. With the aid of an analysis of your ECM landscape and the classification of all relevant documents, a useful and individual Security-Adjusted assessment of cloud and On-Premise components will be pointed out. The goal is to figure out the optimal relation of cost efficiency on the one side and one hundred percent of conformity to the law for your company data on the other side. As part of this solution, the compliant ECM will be based on Microsoft Azure and Office 365 as shown as follows:

Cloud and Compliance

Our unique solution combines enhanced security for your On-Premise archiving with cost effective use of the cloud. Your documents are stored in a German data processing centre (either self-hosted or with a Third-Party provider, e.g. in one of the Microsoft data centres in Germany (Frankfurt or Magdeburg). This means document uploads never take place in the cloud; all sensitive documents are saved directly in the data processing centre. Your users can access them at any time via SharePoint authentication. Users work with the documents transparently in SharePoint Online and can use all the tool’s functions. Your company will enjoy all the benefits of the cloud, such as huge costs savings, outsourced IT administration, guaranteed availability of your documents by Windows Azure. But you never have to sotre company data in the cloud. Administration is done almost entirely in the cloud. Most of the work is transferred to Microsoft, lifting a huge burden from your own IT department.

High Level Security Through Dual Authentication
A rigorous two-step authentication prevents unauthorized access to your company data. The user must first log in with his or her SharePoint account; each sensitive document then requires a password. During the initial analysis, our IT and data protection experts create a security report that identifies possible risks. These risks are eliminated before we distribute. Each component in the solution is legally certified – in both German and European law – to meet all quality and compliance requirements. Also the secure mobile access has been recognized. The solution can be used on all current mobile devices without compromising security or functionality. Dual authentication and transfer via SharePoint Online work the same on a mobile device as on a client workstation.

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