Archiving Solution for Emails

With the implementation of M/Archive as an app solution in your company’s Microsoft Office environment a directly integrated archiving of emails within Microsoft Outlook 2013 or Microsoft Outlook 2013 web app will be enabled to your customers. Additionally the archived objects can be stored on off-side operated storage units for saving costs for expensive Enterprise-Class-Storage-Units.

The administration and operation of the archiving modus operandi takes place with definable policies and simple usage widgets in a web interface. The assignment of user rights can be done in a singular way, by group or by category.

The functionality of archiving and the request for objects will be extended by a search function which enables the possibility to process objects straightforward within the integrated Web-App-Search.

Various settings facilitate – beneath repository encryption, exceptions, ad hoc archiving and preview elements within the search results – the integration of automatically time-controlled archiving jobs, e.g. defined approved folders can be handled and processed in night jobs.

Mail Archiving

PST Archive Importer

With the assistance of our tool called “PST Archive Importer” you will be able to import existent archives with their given in-place-structure, to archive them and allocate the content within the search.

Originally archived meta information of the objects in the PST file will stay unchanged but extendable. The import of such PST information can save important and valuable company data, e.g. during a withdrawal of an employee.

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