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Do you know how effective and with which effort your business process will be experienced? Do you know how strong your infrastructure for your business information management will grow? Can you explain in detail, how your employees use these information, where the data is deposed and what is the communication flow in your business processes? Do you have an information management using the entire potential of the knowledge of your fellow employees and your company? Is your IT infrastructure slowing down your business performance?

Ancient Growth – Maybe a Reason but no Longer an Excuse
Information Management environments being developed for years and decades are mostly a conglomerate of various filing systems with a growing need for storage space and performance. The benefit of such systems was never challenged according to the principle “Never change a running system”. Such systems contain information objects or data no one will approve for resolution or deletion. That implies growing costs for administration, management and maintenance as well as expenses for the user due to protracted work with those information. Also in the course of the integration of new technologies for storage systems or new filing system with migration of old data old information objects will remain with a new label: “Old Data”. An additional information management system was created.

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MERENTIS Consult Specialists Will be Your Help
As a part of a repository analysis our consultants will create an overview and catalogue archived information objects, date and time, access frequency, volume and the need for access for each relevant repository. Furthermore the costs for mainetance and operation will be determined. With the results of this analysis we create proposals for consolidation and show you savings potentials referring to legal retention times. In the majority of cases the costs for these consolidation projects can be offset with the saved costs for maintenance and operations. A positive ancillary effect is the growing speed for access and search for archived information objects.

Which Potential is Constituted in Your Company?
Try our M/Enterprise Information Management Potential Analysis and we will figure out which potential is in hiding at your business! Contact us for a first meeting with our EIM and SharePoint architect consultants and they can create with the aid of our special developed, high-efficient analysis concept for EIM your business information management processes and your data management. Additionally you will receive an alternative roadmap with concrete ways of solution. Furthermore our specialists can support you for conception and company for implementation. Contact us at info@merentisconsult.com or at +49 (0) 89 – 21 23 15 811 and we will discover in a workshop your business potentials and figure out important clues for a project conduction. We would be pleased to receive your call or email!

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