SAP-Connection to Microsoft SharePoint

Efficiency and Innovative with M/SAP Indexer 365

The new M/SAP Indexer 365 enables to connect, share and give release to SAP administrated documents from all SAP modules to users within the Microsoft SharePoint and SharePoint Online environment with individual permission security.

With the functions of the application a transparent operation over platform boundaries is possible in cooperation with IT cost optimization as well as your business process improvements.


Inbuilt Search for Faster Results

Microsoft SharePoint uses the created document linkage („stub“) like a normal document incl. all full text information, properties and permissions of the document. This enables a qualified search for the required SAP document. With the integrated search functionalities and options of SharePoint your inquiry is narrowed and screened for meta criterias from SAP. So it is easy to create pre-defined search queries on your own.


Security by Access Protection

Create your own access protection which is administrable by M/SAP Indexer 365 in an easy and simple way. For this you can also adapt the protection structure by SAP or create new ones from the scratch. By this the access to documents in SharePoint is only possible for appropriate users with the assigned user rights.

Your Benefits and Efforts

  • Cross-bordered co-operation between SAP and SharePoint
  • Information access for current data at a central place
  • Saving SAP license costs
  • SAP will remain as main data environment, no data redundancy
  • Seamless integration into your system environment
  • Integration of SAP meta information for clearer identification
  • Full usage of SharePoint search functionalities incl. taxonomy
  • Access protection in SharePoint
  • Slim business processes with SharePoint
  • Easy setup of information portals without any programming

M/SAP Indexer 365 is part oft he M/SAP Suite 365. Please ask for further fields of application in co-operation with M/SAP Exractor 365 and M/SAP Link 365.

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